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While I was at Altrum Honors, it was awesome to see some of the deal toys I designed/created for clients showcased in marketing material, social media campaigns and on the company website. The account managers and artists at Altrum are so talented. The creativity speaks for itself and everything is custom! I felt so privileged to have worked with such amazing clients helping them to celebrate numerous accomplishments and major milestones over the years.  

Below continues the sampling of custom designs/client productions that I was the mastermind behind during my eight years at Altrum Honors. 

Bed Bath & Beyond


The client wanted to do a piece designed completely around the logo which features an "oil lamp". I went through our archives to see what had been made in the past because I really wanted to make sure this was different. I came up with this concept and had the hanging oil lamp piece made of waterjet cut aluminum attached to custom shaped black lucite. I was thrilled with the outcome and so was my client.

I love this piece! The client wanted to incorporate The League of Legends game/characters. I found a great wallpaper image with all the characters that we used as a background collage that we screened on a curved lucite piece. I designed a custom cut lucite piece contoured to the shape of the logo with the deal text underneath that was positioned in front of the collage. The colors, material and overall look is creative, simple and cool at the same time!

The client was really focused on the logo; the famous hot air balloon. He really wanted a model replica but didn't have the budget for it. This is the solution I came up with. Elegant crystal with the complete 3D balloon and logo rendering laser etched inside...Success! 

Constellation Brands

This was the first project I managed on my own without any oversite less than six months after I was made a new account manager. I designed the piece myself incorporating the elements my client wanted to include and I even assembled the grapes on the barrels myself. It was a lot of grapes and a lot of arts and crafts time but well worth it!

Bally Total Fitness

A simple silhouette and little fun with the logo make this piece unique to the company and creative. The piece is entirely made out of resin/solid stone except for the pretty silver plate on the front of the base.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts


I love the GoPro IPO deal toy. It is easy to recall the excitement I felt when the GoPro Creative Team & the Banking Teams expressed how much they liked my design ideas. The spinning blocks on the front of the piece feature some of the amazing images captured by GoPro cameras users. The camera and the blocks highlight the creative & innovative company, the award winning product & how GoPro came to reach this incredible financial milestone! 


This piece is entirely made from cast stone. The base is white cast stone and the  rim is airbrushed metallic silver. This piece was so clean and just good looking! 

City CenterDC

The client wanted to showcases the City CenterDC complex without breaking the bank. I designed an elegant crystal that featured a 3D rendering of the development (we were able to get renderings of the site from the architect which were formatted in the necessary file type). We added a silver airbrushed metal base with an LED light to really draw attention to the etching inside the crystal. The base powered by battery and includes an on/off push button on the back of the piece. Pretty, elegant and simple!


Fabric & Craft Stores

Dunkin Donuts

The pieces were done as a set with custom made replicas (ice cream cone and coffee cup which uses a real Dunkin Donuts paper cup). The piece with the cup was also featured in the Altrum Honors Financial Catalog. I loved this project and the combination of crystal, coffee and ice cream!

Vrrrooom Vrrooom!!! 

Nothing is cooler than an awesome die cast model car on a base... Except maybe a die cast model on a base in front of dashboard gauges that feature all those important numbers in the huge deal just closed!

Dollar Shave Club

A completely custom display box with one of the razors encased inside and the company's favorite advertisement featured on the back of the base. 

McGarry Bowen

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