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For eight years I have succeeded in an industry that is celebrated by some and completely unknown to others. I am one of the creative minds and talents behind thousands of custom designed and developed trophies (aka deal toys) that are prominently displayed in “deal makers” offices around the world.


In my role as an Account Manager (Creative Services Project Manager), I provided an individualized and unique service to my clients creating special one of a kind deal toys commemorating major business milestones and accomplishments. Working hand in hand with clients, a global network of external suppliers/manufacturers as well as Altrum’s team members worldwide, my role was to manage the entire project process from inception to completion. 

With persistence, passion and dedication I became one of the “go to masterminds" for clients looking for something exciting and new. Colleagues and clients recognize me as a passionate designer, fabricator, creative solutions specialist and product innovator. I have completed numerous custom productions to rave reviews. Many of my creations are showcased in Altrum’s marketing material, social media campaigns and the company website. Seeing the finished product is extremely fulfilling and so is hearing the enthusiasm and positive feedback from my happy clients! 



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